English and Foreign Language

English & Foreign Language Department
Subject Area Teacher Syllabus SOLs
​English 8 Mitchell and Rooklin
English 8 AS Mitchell English 8
English 9 Smith
​English 9 AS Rooklin English 9
​English 10 ​Mitchell English 10
English 10 AS Mitchell
English 11 Rooklin
English 11 AS Rooklin
English 12 Smith English 12
English 12 AS ​Smith English 12
Jeanie Rooklin, Department Chair


Bath County High School
Last NameFirst NameJob TitleDepartmentBusiness PhoneEmail Address
KeyserAngieEnglishEnglish Teacher(540) 839-2431su.av1547687485.21k.1547687485htab@1547687485keign1547687485a1547687485
RooklinJeanieEnglishEnglish Teacher(540) 839-2431su.av1547687485.21k.1547687485htab@1547687485reina1547687485ej1547687485
SmithKirbyEnglishEnglish Teacher(540) 839-2431su.av1547687485.21k.1547687485htab@1547687485sybri1547687485k1547687485

BCHS English Department
William Shakespeare
Classical Literature at BCHS
Classical Literature
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