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Transition Coordinator
      The role of the Transition Coordinator at Bath County High School is to better prepare seniors receiving special education services for postecondary life.  This is accomplished through hands-on activities in real-world scenarios.  The curriculum places the student in thought provoking situations, and allows the student to become familiar with the responsibilities of being an adult and on their own.  In addition to the set curriculum students are trained in the proper self-advocacy and self-determination skills that will assist them in adult life.
     Documentation is a critical faction of the Transition Coordinator's duties.  Files must be maintained of each of the students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) starting at the age of 14.  Each student is assessed and interviewed on their current plans once they graduate from high school.  This information is then incorporated into the students next IEP.
     The Transition Coordinator works directly with students, parents, local agencies, training facilities and colleges with the ultimate goal of each student to become as independent and productive as possible once they leave the halls of BCHS.
     Each spring the Transition Coordinator is responsible for the planning and hosting of the annual Transition Forum is held at BCHS.  This brings local agencies such as the Department of Rehabilitative Services, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, and the Department of Social Services to the students to educate them on the resources available to them in Bath County and the surrounding areas.