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App Development

App Development
If you are interested in developing programs or apps, possibly for money, there are lots of resources that you can use:
Microsoft, a relative newcomer to the smartphone/tablet market has an app development site with tools available for download. If you have already developed an app for Android or IOS, there are tools that you can use to port your app over to Windows:
Android is the smart phone/tablet operating system that most people are aware of. More popular than Apple's IOS, and a design to distribution system that makes it eay to build and deploy apps, Android appears to have a bright future:
Android developers have more than one route to choose to develop apps. For those developers with more experience, Android offers a full service SDK. For developers that would like to develop apps quickly, MIT has developed an SDK that is essentially a drag and drop system.
IOS, the operating system for Apple/Mac, has a shortcoming in that their SDK requires an IOS based machine to run on in order to use the IOS SDK, and the iTunes store is required for deployment of the app.