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You will find the syllabus as well as important class information on each class page. Before you go on to the class page, think about the following:STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) jobs are increasing faster than people are acquiring the needed skills. Not enough students are graduating with degrees in those fields. China and India both graduate about half their students in those fields, compared to about a third for the United States. This cloud does have a silver lining (and I mean that almost literally) in that the more demand there is for a skillset, the more money companies are willing to pay. You have an opportunity to start your career focus here at BCHS/Mertz Career and Technical Center. We provide you with the ability to take and pass career certification tests which will allow you to definitively show employers or colleges proof that you have the skills you say you have.

Computer Use Rules

  1. Look at the board when you come into the classroom
    1. Turn on computer if directed
    2. Go to website as directed
    3. Complete assignment as directed
    4. Close Internet Explorer
  2. Leave your food and drink at a table without a computer.
  3. At the end of class, push your chairs in and pick up around your workstation.
  4. Go only to assigned websites.
  5. Turn off computers at the end of the day.                   
  6. Violations of computer use rules will result in
    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Parent Call
    3. Suspension of computer privileges in the classroom.
    4.  Referral to office
  7. These rules are subject to change depending upon classroom experience.
You will need an email address. The best place to get one is Make sure your name is appropriate (not suzieparties), in other words a professional email account which will be used for school, college and job applications, resume, certification, E-Learning, etc. Mr. Ozols will help you sign up for the email address and choose a user name.
Classroom rules
  1. Respect for others is expected.
  2. Questions are encouraged.
  3. Help each other out.
  4. Complete all assignments.
  5. When the last bell rings, be ready to work
What this looks like
Respect for others: Realizing that your classmates will make mistakes and that mistakes are a part of the learning process. Being quiet during class time so your classmates have the opportunity to learn. Telling your classmates that they are doing a good job.
Questions are encouraged: If you are not sure what to do, ask Mr. Ozols.
Help each other out: If someone needs help with an assignment, provide them with encouragement and as much help as you can give without doing the assignment for them.
Complete all assignments: Turn in hard copies or electronic copies of assignments by the due date. If you need help, feel free to turn the assignment in early to get feedback to use to get a better assignment.
When the last bell rings, be ready to work: You should be sitting in your assigned seat with the computer turned on and either working on the assignment or waiting for the page to load.
What this does not look like:
Respect for others: Making fun of other students. Talking and/or making noise so other students cannot learn during class time.
Questions are encouraged: Not asking how to do something when you do not know.
Help each other out: Ignoring someone when they ask you for help.
Complete all assignments: Not turning in assignments.
Class Procedures:
  1. When the last bell rings, be ready to work: You should be sitting in your assigned seat with the computer turned on and either working on the assignment or waiting for the page to load.
  2. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking.
  3. At the end of class, pick up around your seat.
  4. If this is the last class of the day, please turn off the computer.