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Kris Phillips


9th Grade Syllabus

9th Grade Health/PE Class Syllabus
Teacher:  Mr. Phillips
Email:  School Phone:  839-2431 ext. 236
  1. Be on time.  For every minute you are late for class, you will lose 2 points for that day.
  2. You are required to dress out everyday!
  4. Be respectful and courteous at all times to others and yourself.
  5. No food or drinks allowed in the gym.
  6. The P.E. Department is not responsible for items misplaced/stolen from your gym locker.  Use your locks and do not bring valuables to school!
  7. No one is allowed to leave the gym without permission.
  8. Use equipment for its intended use only (volleyball for volleyball, not kickball, etc…)
What is expected when in the gym
            Be on time
            Dressed out everyday
            Participate to best of your ability
            No whining or complaining
            Be respectful to the teacher, classmates and yourself
At no time will student destruct school property or take property that does not belong to him or her.
PE Outfit:   Black shorts/Black athletic pants
                        Solid t-shirt (must have sleeves)
            Tennis Shoes (no boots, sandals, flip flops, or crocks)
Classroom:  Notebook/Folder with paper, pencil and/or pen
Grading:    PE
20 points per day
                        5 points - appropriate dressing
                        10 points – participation in exercises
                        5 points – participation in activity
                   Classwork /Test/Quizzes/Homework
                        PE grade is total points from gym class and health class added together
Make-up Policy: 
Students will be responsible for all make up work missed.  If a student misses class for any reason, that student is to come to me to get their make up work.  Students will have five school days to get their make up work and return it to me.  If the work is not back to me by 3:30 after five days, that student will get a zero on whatever he or she needed to make up.
Gym days will be on Mondays and Wednesdays
-          Main focus points in gym class
o   Endurance (aerobic capacity)
o   Core (abdominal strength)
o   Upper-body strength
o   Flexibility
o   Improving BMI’s
-          Games that will be played
o   Tchoukball
o   Touch Football
o   Pickleball
o   Speedball
o   Basketball
o   Floor Hockey
o   Ultimate Frisbee
o   Capture the flag
o   Soccer
o   Tennis ball world series
o   Battleball
Classroom will be on Tuesdays and Thursday
In the classroom students will successfully complete 9th grade health curriculum