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Auto Servicing



Students will be able to identify major parts of an automobile, observe auto safety rules, change the oil and oil filter, lubricate the auto, check brakes, radiator and transmission fluids, check and recharge a battery, properly jump start a car, replace an automotive headlight, replace hoses and thermostat, change and rotate tires and repack wheel bearings.

Prerequisite: None                                                                                   Grade: 8 (Exploratory)



Auto Mechanics I is a class in which students study the theory, practice, and the manipulative skills related to automotive lubrication, cooling systems, automotive engines, the fuel and exhaust systems and brake systems.  Safety procedures are practiced throughout the course.         

Prerequisite: None                                                                               Grades: 9-12


AUTO MECHANICS II - 2 Credits (for a 2 period class)

Auto Mechanics II is a class in which students learn to repair emission control systems, suspension and steering, transmissions, drive lines and differentials.

Prerequisite: Auto Mechanics I                                                            Grades: 10-12


AUTO MECHANICS III - 2 Credits (for a 2 period class)

Auto Mechanics III is a class in which instruction continues with students studying the automotive electrical system, the air conditioning system, wheel alignment and balance, and cost estimating.

Prerequisite: Auto Mechanics I and II                                                 Grades: 11, 12