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English 12 – Syllabus

Mrs. Smith      2011-2012


This is a general overview of what we will cover this year in English 12. Please realize this is GENERAL. We will cover everything that is listed here, but we may add more material as the year goes on.


You may not have homework assigned every night. However, you will have assignments to work on. You may be responsible for reading chapters in a book, studying for vocabulary and spelling quizzes, working on a project, or finishing up a unit in your literature book. You will know about assignments and their due dates weeks in advance. You will need to learn how to balance these long term assignments with our work in class as well as assignments from your other classes. Your work is your responsibility.


If at any point your find you are experiencing difficulties with the class or assignments, you are confused, or need help please let me know. I do not want you to get behind or frustrated. I cannot help you unless I know there is a problem.


Weekly assignments:

I will be giving you vocabulary words and spelling words weekly. Vocabulary quizzes will be given on Tuesdays. The packet for the new words is due each Wednesday. Since I want you to learn the words, after three sections of vocabulary there will be a cumulative test including all three sections of vocabulary words. Spelling quizzes will be on Fridays. New words will be given out on Friday after the test. A cumulative spelling test will occur after every six lists and will consist of 30 out of 60 words. IF YOU RECEIVE A HUNDRED ON THE SPELLING QUIZ ON FRIDAY YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO SENTENCES FOR THE NEXT WEEKS WORDS!


Each day there will be a bell ringer at the beginning of class. When you arrive in the classroom you will begin the bell ringer. This bell ringer could be editing a selection or writing on a journal topic. Each student needs a notebook (composition or spiral bound) to be used for this class only. It will be left in my classroom to use for bell ringer journal entries.


English 12


Marking Period 1:

·         (  ) Beowulf

·         (  ) Canterbury Tales


Marking Period 2:


Marking Period 3:


Marking Period 4: