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English 9


Following is a general outline of what we will cover in English 9.  By general, I mean we will definitely complete all that is written here and will add material as time allows.


I do not believe in what is considered “nightly homework,” but you will have something that you should be working on each evening, such as reading your novel, studying for Vocabulary, etc. Occasionally, if we do not complete an assignment in class you will be responsible for completing it at home.


Since most of your assignments will be announced weeks in advanced you must learn to “budget” your time.  I know that some of you are procrastinators, but this will cause you undo stress in this class.   If I have assigned a project and have given you several days/weeks notice; it may very well coincide with the end of a unit or a project in this or another class which will give you that project and the other project on the same day.  You have to be organized and complete projects early or at least work on them prior to the night before.  I do understand that situations occur that are out of our control (such as medical emergencies, etc.)  and if you have worked on the project but needed the last night to proofread or complete something simple than I will work with you, but if you have not even begun the project and something comes up the night before, that is your responsibility.


We will have Vocabulary each Friday.  If you are absent you are responsible for all work missed. Please be sure to check the Make-Up Work container and with me the day you return. 


I have a Web page that you may reach through the Bath County High School page.  Please routinely check this page for assignment dates, notes, important messages, etc.  Your parents may also wish to check this page so they can be aware of due dates and important information. 


If you find you are having difficulty please let me know and we will schedule a time to meet for extra help.  Do not allow yourself to get behind; this makes it difficult to catch up later. 




English 9


Marking Period 1:


  • (9.6  9.7) Vocabulary : lessons 1-6
  • (9.3  9.4  9.5) The Life of William Shakespeare
  • ( 9.3  9.4  9.5)  Romeo and Juliet
  • (9.6  9.7) Essays on Romeo and Juliet  and various essays
  • (9.2) Technology/Creativity project on Romeo and Juliet
  • (9.1  9.2) Reciting of assigned lines from Romeo and Juliet


Marking Period 2:


·        (9.6  9.7) Vocabulary: lessons 7-12

  • (9.6  9.7)  Review of the Parts of Speech
  • (9.3  9.4) The Hobbit
  • (9.6  9.7  9.8  9.9) Various essays
  • (9.3  9.4)  A Christmas Carol



Marking Period 3:


  • (9.6  9.7)  Vocabulary: lessons 13-18
  • (9.3  9.4)  Short Story Literature Unit
  • (9.3  9.4  9.5)  Mythology
  • (9.3  9.4)  Ulysses
  • (9.2)  Creativity project for Ulysses
  • (9.6  9.7  9.8  9.9) Ulysses essays and various essays


Marking Period


  • (9.6  9.7  9.8  9.9)  Research Paper/MLA format
  • (9.1  9.2  9.3  9.4)  Poetry
  • (9.2  9.7  9.8  9.9)  Technology/Creativity project for poetry unit
  • (9.3  9.4)  Novel: TBA
  • (9.3  9.4)  Various essays
  • (9.3  9.4)   Nonfiction Literature Unit