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Mrs. Yohe


Here’s what to bring


Notebook paper

Writing utensil


Here’s how I calculate your grade

            30%     Class work and homework

            30%     Celebrations of Knowledge

            30%     Labs

            10%     Notebook


Here’s how to behave when in our classroom

1.      Follow the rules in the BCHS Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.

2.      Respect the people and objects in our classroom.

3.      Stay in your seat unless you are given permission to leave it.

4.     And for heaven’s sake, don’t talk while I am talking!!


Hungry? Thirsty?

Snacks and drinks are allowed so long as students do not leave a mess.  Students who repeatedly leave food or drink messes in the classroom will lose this privilege.


When you miss class:

As high school students (woo hoo!) you are expected to pick up your make-up work from the appropriate folder in the classroom..  The BCHS handbook tells us that “Students are allowed two days to make up work for each day absent.” There are more rules about extended absences and extenuating circumstances in your BCHS handbook should you have any further questions.  If you miss a test in our class and were present for the review, you will be expected to take the test the day you return.  If you miss the review and the test, you will be given one extra day to study before taking the test.



I believe we can have a great year together.  So, put a smile on your face and let’s learn some science!