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Economics/ Personal Finance          SY   2011-2012

Mr. Trumbo

Bath County High School



Textbook: “Economics & Personal Finance”

This course is NOT included in the Standard of Learning End of Course Training.

You must PASS this class to graduate.


Methods of Evaluation

1.        Tests/ Quizzes

a.       Test will be announced. Quizzes may or may not be announced.


2.       Projects

a.       Projects will be assigned and graded as a test or quiz grade.


3.       Classwork/ homework

a.       Classwork / homework will be assigned. A Grade will be given for each





                Cheating will be handled as described as in the student handbook.


Grading scale is attached.



Expectations for classroom behavior are attached.



Suggested materials:

1.       Notebook

2.       Highlighter

3.       Pens and pencils

4.       Three-ring binder



 Chapters to be covered:


First nine weeks:


1.       Chapter 1—Skills for Success

2.       Chapter 2--  Basic Economics

3.       Chapter 3--   Personal Finance

4.       Chapter 4--   Financial Planning

5.       Chapter 5--    Money Management

6.       Chapter 6--   Economic System


Second nine weeks:


1.       Chapter 7--  American Free Enterprise

2.       Chapter 8--  Demand

3.       Chapter 9—Supply

4.       Chapter 10 – Prices

5.       Chapter 11—Consumer Management

6.       Chapter 12—Market Stucture


Third nine weeks:


1.       Chapter 13- Labor

2.       Chapter 14-  Money and Banking

3.       Chapter 15- Financial Markets

4.       Chapter 16- Gross Domestic Products ad Growth

5.       Chapter 17-  Think like and Entrepreneur

6.       Chapter 18-  Starting your own Business


Fourth nine weeks:


1.       Chapter 19- Financial Calculations for Business

2.       Chapter 20- Economic Challenges

3.       Chapter 21- Business Management and Issues

4.       Chapter 22- Taxes and Government Spending

5.       Chapter 23- Fiscal Policy

6.       Chapter 24- The Federal Reserve ad Monetary Policy

7.       Chapter 25- International Trade




We will make any adjustments in this Syllabus as necessary.


Any Questions? Please contact/ask  me.