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Items marked with !NEW have been added to the web site in the last 24 hours. 

JHCHSchool Meals and Snacks8/1/2017
EBBBPersonnel Training-Viral Infections6/26/2017
EEAStudent Transportation Services6/26/2017
EEACSchool Bus Safety Program6/26/2017
BBEUnexpired Term Fulfillment6/26/2017
BBFA (Option 1)Conflict of Interests and Disclosure of Economic Interests6/26/2017
BDARegular School Board Meetings6/26/2017
BDBSpecial School Board Meetings6/26/2017
BDCClosed Meetings6/26/2017
BDCACalling and Certification of Closed Meetings6/26/2017
BDDElectronic Participation in Meetings From Remote Locations6/26/2017
BDDANotification of School Board Meetings6/26/2017
BDDCAgenda Preparation and Dissemination6/26/2017
DJGVendor Relations6/26/2017
KBARequests for Information6/26/2017
LBDHome Instruction6/26/2017
LCCharter Schools6/26/2017
JECAAdmission of Homeless Children6/26/2017
JEDStudent Absences/Excuses/Dismissals6/26/2017
JFC-R (Option 2)Standards of Student Conduct (Regulation)6/26/2017
JGDADisciplining Students with Disabilities6/26/2017
JHCDAdministering Medicines to Students6/26/2017
GBEBStaff Weapons in School6/26/2017
GCProfessional Staff6/26/2017
GCCB (Option 1)Employment of Family Members6/26/2017
GCPDProfessional Staff Discipline6/26/2017
IAInstructional Goals and Objectives6/26/2017
IGADCareer and Technical Education6/26/2017
IGAHFamily Life Education (FLE)6/26/2017
IGAJDriver Education6/26/2017
IGBCParent and Family Engagement6/26/2017
IGBFEnglish Learners6/26/2017
IGBIAdvanced Placement Classes and Special Programs6/26/2017
IICB (also IICC)Community Resource Persons/School Volunteers6/26/2017
CBCADisclosure Statement Required of Superintendent6/26/2017
GAHSchool Employee Conflict of Interests6/26/2017
KBA-ERights & Responsibilities6/26/2017
EFBFree and Reduced Price Food Services5/2/2017
JHCFStudent Wellness5/2/2017
EFB-RFree and Reduced Price Food Services (Regulation)5/2/2017
JHCF-RStudent Wellness (Regulation)5/2/2017
KGCommunity Use of School Facilities4/4/2017
LC-EBath County Charter School Application Addendum4/4/2017
LEBAdvanced/Alternative Courses for Credit4/4/2017
JFCCStudent Conduct on School Buses4/4/2017
JHCStudent Health Services4/4/2017
JOStudent Records4/4/2017
GAPersonnel Policies Goals4/4/2017
GBMProfessional Staff Grievances4/4/2017
GCPFSuspension of Staff Members4/4/2017
IJGuidance and Counseling Program4/4/2017
JOAStudent Transcripts4/4/2017
DM-RBank Deposits (Regulation)1/12/2017