How does the program work for the individual child?

Once a gifted student is identified, a school enrichment coordinator meets with teachers and parents to plan an individualized program.  Depending on the child’s age and ability, some of the many possible options considered might include:  grade or  subject acceleration; “in-place-of” projects or assignments performed within the class curriculum and/or independently; “pull-out” or after school small group enrichment activities;  supervised participation in regional/  national contests and challenges; field trips; cultural events; mentorships (i.e. working one-on-one with an adult in an  area of special interest); participation in summer programs for the gifted; and/or (for high school students) participation in a variety of advanced placement courses through satellite technology.  In each case, objectives are planned and written evaluations are made each nine-week period.  Such regular  monitoring, as well as frequent contact with teachers, parents and students, make it possible to adjust individual  programs and coordinate activities according to changing needs.
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