Citizens for Education

Parents and Teachers working together to make school the best it can be for our children.

Who we are and what we do:

CFE was started by parents and teachers, and includes ANYone interested in making Millboro Elementary School the best place it can be for the children in our community.
We raise money to providce programs and supplement projects at MES that improve our childrens’ experiences. No dues are required, but there are several opportunities to help with fundraising throughout the year. Officers are nominated each spring by a nominating committee, and all CFE members elect a board of officers at the last meeting of the school year.

The funds we raise:

  • Pay a percentage or whole of admission fees for student field trips.
  • Contribute towards the cost of special programs such as storytellers, musicians, outreach programs and SOL preparation available on the MES website.
  • Pay for teacher appreciation gifts.
  • Give each child an opportunity to earn “Book Bucks” he or she can spend at a special book fair later in the year.

You can help by:

  • Getting to know teachers and staff to create a strong relationship between the school and community.
  • Attending school programs where students can “show off” their knowledge and talents.
  • Participating in fundraisers supporting CFE, and its work to improve and extend our children’s experiences.

School Calendar

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