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Home of the Wildcats
The telephone lines going into MES were accidentally cut today (August 29) during some construction work on school grounds.  Verizon has been notified of the problem, but given the holiday weekend and the nature of the cable involved, it may be Wednesday of next week before telephone service is restored to the building.  Email and internet services are fully operational at MES; families with email access are encouraged to use email for any necessary communications with the school office.  You may email Donna Campagna--her address is or Allison Hicklin--her address is  For now, all 997-5452 and 540-839-5804 telephone calls have been routed to the School Administration Building in Warm Springs.  A note with this information will be sent home with all students this afternoon.  Thank you.
  Our Funtastic First Day!

The first day of school started with smiles, hugs, and lots of "Welcome Backs," from all the faculty and staff.  It's amazing how much the children have grown and changed over the summer.  We are so excited to see them all and to begin an exciting new year!




We Are a School on a Mission!

Millboro Elementary will be a community of learners in which all members develop strengths empowering them to accomplish their vision and to encourage a partnership with the community at large.

Allison Hicklin, Principal 
411 Church Street Millboro, Virginia  24460
phone (540) 997-5452  (540) 839-5804
fax (540) 997-0123

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