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Home of the Wildcats
March 31, April 17, May 26 and June 13 have been changed to FULL STUDENT DAYS.
Additional school closures/delays may require minutes added to the end of the school day. 
Winter Olympics & Family Reading Night

MES celebrated our own Opening Ceremonies to the Winter Olympics along with Family Reading Night.  Each classroom represented a country and after marching in dressed or carrying their country's flag, they performed a demonstration of some cultural aspect of the country they represented.  Afterward, each child received a medal and were given a free book to encourage our families to read with their child(ren) as part of Family Reading Night.  Everyone enjoyed a cupcake dessert. 
Throughout the next two weeks, children will keep an eye on their country's medal count while participating in their own Olympic events in their physical education classes.  Go USA!!!


We Are a School on a Mission!

Millboro Elementary will be a community of learners in which all members develop strengths empowering them to accomplish their vision and to encourage a partnership with the community at large.

Allison Hicklin, Principal 
411 Church Street Millboro, Virginia  24460
phone (540) 997-5452  (540) 839-5804
fax (540) 997-0123

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