2017-04-04 Regular Meeting @ BCHS



  • Hershel Adkins, VES Custodian
  • Stephanie Hiner, BCHS Guidance Counselor
  • Kathy Robertson, VES Food Service
  • Dennis Holmes, Substitute Custodian
Authorized the Superintendent to issue letters of intent to hire teachers.

Board Meeting

Approved Consent Agenda including:

  • Minutes – March 7, 2017 Regular Meeting and March 15, 2017 Called Meeting/Budget Work Session
  • Claims – March 2017 General School and Food Service Funds
  • Reports – Attendance, Cafeteria, Maintenance & Transportation
Approved the following overnight field trip:
  • BCHS Band Camp,  July 23-27, 2017 at Grace Bible Camp in Goshen, VA
Adopted 2nd Reading of VSBA Policies as recommended: BBFA (Option 1), CBCA, EEA, GA, GAH, GBM, GCPF, IJ, JFCC, JHC, JO, JOA, KG, LC-E, and  LEB. 
VSBA policies and regulations EFB, JHCF, and JHCH to be included on the May school board agenda for approval.
Authorized Mrs. Rowe, BCHS principal, permission to submit the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education  plan  no later than April 30, 2017.
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