2017-09-05 Regular Meeting @ BCHS

Mentor Teachers Auto Teacher (Whittington)

Counselor (Brooks)


Joey Altizer

Jane Hall

Head Teachers MES


Jan Lee

Marjorie Hevener


CTE Coordinator BCHS Jane McMullen


BCHS Department Heads English/Foreign Language





P.E./Fine Arts

Special Education

Jeanie Rooklin

Michelle Eldredge (.5)

Lisa Hamilton (.5)

Danny Sifford

Heather Hough

Melinda Hooker

April Miller

Yearbook Sponsor BCHS Emily Beard
SCA Sponsors BCHS



Adam Frye

Joey Crawford

Kristy Humphreys

Title I Coordinator   Tammy Lindsay
After-School Computing/STEAM MES


Joey Crawford

Suzanna Paxton

School Test Coordinator BCHS Rhonda Ervin
Winter Coaches    
     Academic Bowl Sponsor BCHS Caleb Scott
     Basketball Boys Varsity Terry Bradley
  Boys Assistant Varsity/JV Zach Woodzell
  Girls Varsity Danny Sifford
  Girls Assistant Varsity/JV Adam Frye

Accepted the resignation of Billy Grimm, Bus Driver, effective 9/29/17, with substitute bus driver status only in emergencies.​

Approved a change in status, from county resident to non-county resident, for a BCHS student.

Approved Consent Agenda including:

  • Minutes – August 1, 2017 Regular Meeting, August 7, 2017 Called Meeting
  • Claims – August 2017 General School and Food Service Funds
  • Reports – Attendance, Cafeteria, Maintenance & Transportation
Authorized the superintendent to request a supplemental appropriation to the transportation category from the Board of Supervisors to fund BCHS fuel tank replacements in the amount of $107,972.07.
Approved surplus auction list as presented.  (Auction to be held on September 9, 2017 at 10:00 AM at the Bus Garage.)
Solar Panel Project – Roof Penetration
Approved the First Amendement to the EPC Agreement by and between Bath County Public Schools and Reliable Energy, LLC with recommendations from School Board attorney.
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