C – General School Administration

CA Administration Goals 4/3/2012
CBA Qualifications and Duties for the Superintendent 6/23/2011
CBB Appointment and Term of the Superintendent 4/8/2015
CBCA Disclosure Statement Required of Superintendent 6/26/2017
CBD Superintendent’s Contract, Compensation and Benefits 4/3/2018
CBE Severance Benefits 6/26/2007
CBG Evaluation of the Superintendent 4/3/2018
CF School Building Administration 6/24/2013
CF-A School Building Administration 10/2/2007
CF-B School Building Administration 10/2/2007
CH Policy Implementation 6/24/2013
CHD (also BFE) Administration in Policy Absence 6/2/2015
CLA Reporting Acts of Violence and Substance Abuse 4/5/2016
CM School Division Annual Report 6/2/2015
CMA School Division Annual Report Card 6/3/2014
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