D – Fiscal Management


DA Management of Funds 6/28/2018
DA-R Management of Funds (Regulation) 5/1/2001
DB Annual Budget 6/2/2015
DG Custody and Disbursement of School Funds 4/8/2015
DGC School Activity Funds 4/2/2019
DGC-R School Activity funds 12/2/2014
DGD Funds for Instructional Materials and Office Supplies 4/1/2014
DI Financial Accounting and Reporting 10/6/2015
DIA Reporting Per Pupil Costs 6/25/2012
DJ Small Purchasing 6/28/2018
DJA Purchasing Authority 4/1/2014
DJB Petty Cash Funds 4/2/2019
DJC Credit Card Purchases 12/3/2002
DJF Purchasing Procedures 10/6/2015
DJG Vendor Relations 6/26/2017
DK Payment Procedures 4/1/2014
DL Payroll Procedures 6/27/2019
DLB Salary Deductions 4/2/2019
DLC Expense Reimbursements 6/24/2013
DL-R Payroll Schedules (Regulation) 3/26/2002
DL-R2 Direct Deposit (Regulation) 8/2/2011
DM Cash In School Buildings 4/2/2019
DM-R Bank Deposits (Regulation) 1/12/2017
DN Disposal of Surplus Items 10/5/2010
DN-R Definition of Immediate Family (Regulation) 10/5/2004
DO Non-Locally Funded Programs 4/2/2019
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