K – School-Community Relations

KA Goals for School-Community Relations 4/3/2014
KB Public Information Program 4/3/2012
KBA Requests for Public Records 4/2/2019
KBA-E Rights & Responsibilities 6/26/2017
KBA-F1 Requests for Public Records (Forms) 4/2/2019
KBA-F2 Record of Inspection and/or Delivery of Copies (Form) 3/6/2012
KBA-R Requests for Public Records (Regulation) 4/2/2019
KBC Media Relations 4/3/2012
KBE Internet Privacy 4/1/2014
KC Community Involvement in Decision Making 4/3/2012
KD (also BDDH) Public Participation at School Board Meetings 6/27/2016
KF (Option 1) Distribution of Materials 6/3/2014
KFB Administration of Surveys and Questionnaires 6/2/2015
KG Community Use of School Facilities 4/4/2017
KGA Sales and Solicitations in Schools 4/2/2019
KGB Public Conduct on School Property 6/3/2014
KGC Use of Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes on School Premises 6/3/2014
KH Public Gifts to the Schools 12/2/2014
KJ Advertising in the Schools 4/1/2014
KK School Visitors 6/28/2018
KKA Service Animals in Public Schools 9/4/2018
KL Public Complaints 4/1/2014
KLB (Option 1) Public Complaints About Learning Resources 4/1/2014
KLB-E Request for Reconsideration of Learning Resources 3/6/2012
KMA Relations With Parent Organizations 6/3/2014
KN Sex Offender Registry Notification 6/23/2011
KNA Violent Sex Offenders on School Property 6/23/2011
KNAJ Relations With Law Enforcement Authorities 6/28/2018
KNB Reports of Missing Children 4/3/2007
KP Parental Rights and Responsibilities 4/3/2012


KQ Commercial, Promotional, and Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships 6/3/2014
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