School Safety

The children of Bath County are our greatest asset!  Bath County Public Schools takes seriously our mission to provide excellent educational experiences for our students, but their safety and well-being is our first concern.

Safety at school is a multifaceted concern:

  • Students need to be safe as they leave home in the morning and travel to and from school.
  • Our school buildings need to be well-maintained, minimizing risk for injury to students.
  • Students need to be properly supervised as they move through school buildings, classrooms around the school campus, and during extracurricular activities.
  • Students need to be safe as they ‘travel’ online with digital communications.
  • Contingencies need to be in place to keep students safe during school emergencies.

While specific attention from school staff is given to each of these aspects of school safety, the following online resources may be useful to parents:

Bullying Resources

Tornado Preparedness

Internet Safety

Pandemic Flu

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