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October 14
Steve Jobs Was Quite A Guy
I'm no Apple fanboy and Steve Jobs was not a god.  ...but to be fair, he was quite a guy!  Lots of folks have been talking about him since his death, but two comments really struck me. The first, I've heard referenced a number of times from interviews he did a few years back when he said that he didn't give the public what they wanted; they didn't know what they wanted until he built it for them.  No that's not arrogance when you have the record of Apple behind it.  The second quote is attributed to President Obama who wrote about what a statement it was that so many folks learned about Jobs' passing by using devices that Jobs had helped put in their hands.
The company has certainly come a long way since those first Apples rolled out of Jobs' garage.  The first Apple to roll into Bath County Public Schools was in May of 1981, marking our first foray into computers; I had just been on the job for about five months at the time.   We purchased another 17 Apple II+ coputers with a federal grant the next year, and things took off from there.  I really, really wish we had kept one of those first Apple II+, IIe, IIc, IIgs, Mac SE machines!  I do have my first notebook computer--an DOS HP Vectra that still works!
So, Mr. Jobs, thank you for your invaluable contributions to our technologies!  Yes, we moved to Mr. Gates' world when Windows became available, but we thank you for a good start with Apple.


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