2.1 Summary of Connection to the Division’s Mission

2.1    Summary of Connection to the Division’s Mission


The mission of Bath County Public Schools is to meet the educational needs of our diverse student population with the highest standards possible and to be the schools of choice for Bath County citizens.

                                        –Bath County School Board 

School Board Goals

    • To produce graduates who become citizens with strong academic, technical physical, and social skills and who possess an appreciation for the arts.
    • To be an integral part of our unique community and a source of public pride.
    • To utilize our financial resources responsibly.
  • To provide facilities which are safe, accessible, and well maintained for school and community use
  • To provide technology tools and services for students and staff, according to the division Technology Plan, to meet SOL Objectives and Educational Technology Standards, respectively.

Bath County Public Schools will build on established technology infrastructure, programs and services to enhance teaching and learning to prepare students for the 21st Century.  All children and youth must have access to technology with integration into content areas.  Availability of and access to appropriate technology is essential to developing the total child and preparing a student for lifelong learning.  Students with adept skills in using computers and multimedia electronic resources in combination with good problem-solving skills are on a pathway to success.  Bath County Public Schools will continue to provide a classroom environment in which relevant and meaningful learning will occur.  The integration of technology skills into all curricular areas and successful completion of state Standards of Learning will ensure a more appropriate educational experience for all students, K-12.  The successful implementation of the division technology plan will help ensure that the Bath County Public Schools mission and board goals are achieved.

Technology use in Bath County Public Schools will mirror the focus areas of the new Virginia technology plan:

  • ENVIRONMENT – Schools need to consider physical and virtual environments in new and innovative ways to support learning activities.
  • ENGAGEMENT – Educators must employ multiple ways to engage students in learning through technology. This engagement should reflect student learning styles, cultural backgrounds, and personal interests.
  • APPLICATION – Students need to understand the proper application of technology tools (i.e., choosing and applying the most appropriate technology for communicating and problem solving) and to be creative and innovative.
  • TOOLS – Students should not use technology tools just to replicate paper-and-pencil activities. Tools should extend student capabilities to perform functions that would be difficult, if not impossible, without technology. Tools should be authentic—ones students will encounter in the nonschool environment.
  • RESULTS – Results are not just a matter of meeting accountability requirements but using data, including real-time assessments, to inform instruction. Teachers addressing 21st century skills and knowledge must employ intelligent assessments.

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