Student and Teacher Computer Use

Students in Bath County Public Schools use technology in multiple ways throughout the school day, including:

  • use of productivity tools such as word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publishing and presentation software for classroom assignments.
  • research through internet resources.
  • use of free and subscription web-based instructional resources across all content areas.
  • use of the division’s browser-based content management system to access classroom activities, store current assignments, and participate in online discussions with classmates.
  • at the elementary schools, daily reading/language arts and math instruction & drill in the integrated learning computer lab staffed by a computer lab manager.  These two labs received hardware upgrades in 2007.
  • direct instruction in the high school business, technology and distance learning labs..
  • access to library workstations available in each media center
  • classroom quizzes and tests administered though online tools
  • assessment with the Accelerated Reader program.
  • assessment with the Interactive Achievement Program.
  • access to mobile labs consisting of 24 Acer netbook computers, and 24 Earthwalk Classmate Tablet PC’s.
  • participation in the online standards of learning assessment program.
  • Students in need of alternative education services participate in a home or school-based program that provides individualized instruction via the internet.  Project Return has provided a number of multimedia computers and software licenses over the past several years.

Tech Resources at BCPS

The high school has successfully implemented a distance learning program since 2002.  Presently, four dual enrollment classes are provided by the local community college to BCHS seniors.  The original compressed video ATM h.321 equipment was replaced in 2005 with a VCON h.323 compressed video system, although original monitors, speakers, microphones and furniture remain in good condition.  The community college also utilizes the eLuminate software platform for distance learning coursework; students are assigned notebook computers to use for this purpose.  A third popular distance learning option for students is online coursework through Virtual Virginia

Tech Resources

For nearly all teachers and staff, access to technology resources has become an integral component of employment in Bath County Public Schools.  The division has progressed from an emphasis on basic technology skills for teachers and staff to more widespread integration of technology into classroom instruction, particularly with the tablet PC technology integration program previously mentioned.  Teachers and staff use computer technology in multiple ways, including:

  • communication with parents and staff through email
  • attendance, gradebook and other recordkeeping functions
  • direct instruction to students using technology integration tools including classroom computers, tablet computers, LCD projectors, document cameras, digital cameras, flip video and traditional camcorders, smartboards etc.
  • research through internet and media center database resources
  • use of productivity tools such as word processing, spreadsheet, desktop publishing and presentation software
  • access to a structured browser-based web resource to post classroom information, assignments and classroom photos and projects.
  • access to BCPS digital resources/information, including “fillable” forms in Acrobat Reader & Microsoft Word format
  • use of a wide range of division online resoures to facilitate curriculum development including document sharing, web links, announcement lists, discussion groups, wikis, etc.

Classrooms and Technology

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