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A layered network of technology support services has been established through the years, providing a cost-effective means for problem-solving technology issues.  Unlike the early days of school computing, much of the support needs of users are now software/application based.  In addition, while computer use ten years ago was limited to specific tasks, computer applications have now found their way into much of what ALL staff members do each day.  As a result, experienced teachers and staff provide valuable support for their colleagues each day.  When additional assistance is necessary, the division has secured specialized telephone support for a number of mission-critical systems such as student records, school activity funds, media center applications, food service, integrated learning systems, payroll and accounts payable.  Building level computer technicians are the next line of assistance.  These employees spend an hour or two per day responding to requests for assistance and scheduled maintenance tasks that keep our system running well. Instructional technology resource teachers are employed by the division on a part time basis to provide technology integration support to classroom teachers.  This individual and group staff support before, during and after school hours is an essential contributory component for our more recent successes with technology integration.

Tech Skills

Other building level support is provided by paid student technology assistants who complete work orders assigned by building coordinators and principals.  This valuable support has been in place since 2001, and takes advantage of the wealth of knowledge and problem-solving skills that these responsible students possess.  There are typically three to four student technology assistants working with division technology staff at any given time.

The division technology director provides training and support to the building level technology support personnel, as well as assistance to individual users when necessary.  The most complex installation/setup/support tasks are performed by network engineers and other specialists under contract with the division on an as-needed basis.

Technology Services Staff

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