School Administration Building    School Administration Building

All offices in the School Administration Building have multimedia computers with network/internet access (see computer network diagram on page 12).  Technology plays a critical role in all business functions of the division central office.  More prominent applications include:

  • A comprehensive payroll and accounts payable computer software system has been in place for many years; the most recent upgrade was installed in 2010.
  • Central office personnel have implemented web-based reporting systems for much of the data/reporting requirements from the department of education, including reporting requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act.  Annual and periodic reports across all disciplines, student record collection and personnel reports place a large burden on central office staff, given our small numbers.
  • Web content development is distributed among several staff members with responsibility in that particular content area (e.g. personnel:  job opportunities, central office secretary:  division monthly calendar & school menus).
  • Browser-based resources are used for divisionwide collaboration, document sharing and other communication needs.  All central office staff use these resources.
  • The school board web site is updated regularly with meeting agendas & minutes, as well as an online school board policy manual.
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