2011-2012    Major technoloy projects for the 2011-12 school year include:

  • Continue the successful Tablet PC technology integration program.  A small cohort of teachers is anticipated for 2011-12 voluntary program.  Over 80 percent of BCPS teachers have participated in the program, and are committed to technology integration activities.  A greater degree of attention is now required to meet the needs of these staff members who recognize the need to provide 21st Century educational opportunities for students.  In addition to divisionwide opportunities for professional development, a series of less time-intensive workshops may best meet our current needs.
  • Bandwidth Upgrades
    • Complete the bandwidth upgrade project for VES, adding a new 5mb DSL line for VPN connectivity to other school division buildings and disconnecting the T1 data line to BCHS.
    • Continue to monitor bandwidth connections at BCHS to ensure that increased needs with distance learning compressed video and other internet bandwidth are met with increased service availability.
  • Student Information System Upgrade
    • Plan and implement a significant PowerSchool upgrade in summer 2011.
    • Phase in a parent portal to PowerSchool
  • Destiny Library Management System
    • The final phase of the Follett Destiny software installation will include home access for all patrons to browse the libraries’ holdings.
  • Interactive Achievement Expansion
    • We will expand on the implementation of Interactive Achievement benchmark and formative assessment procedures in 2011-12 to include reading, math, science and social studies in grades 2-11.
  • Replace aging notebook computers to ensure continued capability to meet student instructional needs and the increased performance requirements of E-SOL testing.
  • Replace an outdated desktop lab at MES
  • Implement a major upgrade to SharePoint Services
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