2018-05-16 Called Meeting


May 16, 2018

Action after Closed Meeting:

  • Acknowledged a retirement request of Rodger Hupman, BCHS custodian, effective June 30, 2018.
  • Approved resignation of Amber Yohe, BCHS Science Teacher, effective at the end of the school year.
  • Appointed Gabrielle Phenegar, Spanish Teacher, at BCHS for SY18-19.
  • Approved professional and administrative staff for 2018-2019 as listed:

Bath County High School

Joey Altizer, Emily Beard, Michelle Eldredge, Rhonda Ervin, Dillon Fry, Adam Frye, Larry Grubbs, Mark Hall, Lisa Hamilton, Adaline Hodge, Melinda Hooker, Heather Hough, Kayala Jordan, Angie Keyser, Rod Landreth, Tammy Layne, Jane McMullen, April Miller, Lisa Miller, Glenda Myer, Kris Phillips, Jeanie Rooklin, Kirby Smith, Justin Whittington.

Millboro Elementary School

Donna Armstrong, Dodie Bayne, Mary Brooks, Leslie Brunner, Joey Crawford, Denise Eaton, Connie Forsyth, Kris Hepler, Jan Lee, Sharon Madison, Kim Manion, Charity Marshall, Dallas Reynolds, Shiela Riley, Maria Secoy, Code Sizemore, Rebecca Smolarek, LeAnn Stout

Valley Elementary School

Selina Abbott, Debbie Chaplin, Diane Davis, Tina Fisher, Lori Ford, Lorri Gibson, Jean Harold, Marjorie Hevener, Sabrina Hicklin, Kristy Humphreys, Karen Hollowell, Lisa Jessee, Tammy Lindsay, Laura Massie, Tanya McDaniel, Anita McGuire, Katie Mihaly, Jamie Moore, Kristy Pasco, Suzanna Paxton, Erin Simmons, Melinda Turner, Shannan Waldeck, Pat Whitson

Administrative Staff

Jane Hall, Allison Hicklin, Ed Ozols, Michael Perry, Rosita Perry, Justin Rider, Steve Sizemore