Digital Photography, Photo Editing, & Uploading to Classroom Websites

So you know how to "point & shoot" with your digital camera. Come learn some more about taking better photos, editing them with simple to use software, and uploading them to your website.

Digital Photography

  • Point & Shoot! It's that easy!

  • Check the batteries & Secure Digital (SD) card

  • Lots of light is good! Built in flashes are weak, and in low light, only good to about 10 ft. For longer distances, always use an external flash. Outdoors in daylight is no problem!

  • Optical Zoom is good; digital zoom really only crops the picture file, giving the illusion of a zoom.

  • Use the highest resolution setitng that the camera offers.

  • Closer to your subject is better! -Just because you have a zoom lens doesn't mean you should be on the other side of the room.

  • Take LOTS of pictures-some of them will be good enough to keep!

  • Breathe out as you take your picture-it will help keep the camera still.

  • On many digital cameras you must push-and keep holding longer than you think you need to-the 'shutter release' button, as it takes a moment to focus, set, and then take the picture.

  • When possible, prepare your shot ahead of time by focusing on the subject, depressing the 'shutter release' just half-way, and wait for just the right moment-your camera will take the photo just as that batter is taking the swing!

  • Try out some websites that offer good digital photography tips

Photo Editing

  • Microsoft Office Picture Manager is simple to use, has reasonable controls, and integrates well with SharePoint. Make it your default picture viewer! Picture manager will easily:

    • Crop your photos to center the attention on your subject

    • Brighten and improve contrast as necessary

    • Reduce Red Eye effect

    • Resizing photos

Uploading to Classroom Websites

  • Uploading pics to your classroom website is a breeze!

  • Are you interested in:

    • Adding a photo image to your home page? Really easy if the pic has already been resized or if you are using a thumbnail.

    • Imbedding a photo image into a content editor webpart or announcement? A little steeper learning curve, but easy once you practice a few times!

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