Good morning,

It is my pleasure to officially introduce myself as the new superintendent of Bath County Public Schools.  During my time as an educator, I have been a middle school teacher, high school mathematics teacher, college professor, school counselor, assistant principal, and principal.  I keep my past service in mind as I make decisions because I want to always show empathy, understanding, and relevance.

First, I want to thank each of you for your dedication to our students, community, and school division.  I firmly believe that a school’s biggest asset is its people.  As such, I pledge my support and guidance to all members of our staff as we move forward.  When we all work together and support one another, students benefit.  

It is both an honor and privilege to serve the students, faculty, and community of Bath County.  I am thankful to have graduated from a small, rural high school.  I was fortunate to have skilled teachers that prepared their students for college and all other post-secondary ventures.  In Bath County Public Schools, we are fortunate to have a talented and devoted group of educators who make each child’s education their main priority. 

This division is a remarkable learning institution that focuses on each individual student to ensure bright outcomes for all who attend.  The faculty and staff are dedicated to the children of this community.  In our schools, the students’ needs are first priority.  Kids first!  By knowing each student as an individual, we will work diligently to see that all students learn at high levels.  Students should expect a learning environment that is safe, conducive to learning, and is rooted in high standards aligned with curriculum designed to create life-long learners and productive citizens.  The faculty of Bath County will not let a student achieve less than the very best.       

The school faculty will continue to work collaboratively with parents and the community to deliver each child a first-rate education. Through continual school improvement efforts, we will work relentlessly to keep Bath County Public Schools a shining star in the region, the State of Virginia, and beyond.  We are fortunate to have our devoted staff, talented students, and supportive community.  I have been impressed with stellar band programs and the friendly, supportive community within a short time of arriving in the area.

My top priorities during my initial weeks will be the following:

  • Promoting and recruiting for existing vacancies (Recruiting and retaining quality staff is one of our top goals.);

  • Developing a strategic plan that guides each step of our journey as we prepare for the future (I will draft initial thoughts and seek feedback and ideas from staff and each school community.);

  • Fostering strong relationships in which everyone has voice and feels supported (I want everyone to work together and feel comfortable approaching one another with ideas.);

  • Being a consistent, visible, and known presence who models the way in the community;

  • Developing a strong Teacher Induction Program that is relevant and purposeful to retain and support staff early in their career (I would like to have practical advice sessions along with some team-building retreats.); and

  • Fostering and modeling effective and timely communication.

I look forward to a productive and exciting school year.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. Further, I look forward to seeing each of you soon and feel privileged to serve such a wonderful school division and community.  Best wishes and enjoy the rest of the summer! 

Dr. Rick N. Bolling, Ed.D.

Rick N. Bolling, Ed.D.

Division Superintendent

Bath County Public Schools 

12145 Sam Snead HWY

Warm Springs, VA 24484

Phone: 540-839-2722
Fax: 540-839-3040